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What Is Nitrochats?

   Nitrochats IS a Family friendly website for anyone from 13 and Up each room we have is different and unique one room could be 18+ or 13-17 or limited to only 13-14 or is open to anyone. Nitrochats Offers A Great Place to Chat and Make plenty of Friends, The site is Free and is best site ever, Nitro Is fastest and has loads of features and much much more. We provide safety first and handle chat between with a balance iron fist.  We support a lot of community and partner up with a lot of Website are against Child exploitations.

Is Nitrochats a Great place for my kids?

Yes we Are Many company attacks us and hates us because how Upfront we are and that we don’t take Inmatureity from them how they act. We will always be safe and Many people tried to fake the site being unsafe we stand close and united keeping everyone info private and any info we get are reviewed privately never leaked upon non staff members. Was created on  Support bars for making a Chat that is Safe and fast and fun while we still have things that slips or get into public in chat and issue breaks out we try handle it fastest way.


How do I buy VIP?

VIPS membership requires Paypal But for minors just go into our site If you have permission from your family or have right amount of money to pay off vip for our site you must do it in a specific way without Registering or Starting a Legal agreement with paypal which instantly you break since only 18+ can register.

For Minor they have to click guest or guest checkout without creating a account for paypal and then it ask you to fill out informations and card informations minors should have a Debit card or visa that works, Simply fill it out and you legally paid vip without breaking paypal terms or signing up with paypal or being a fraud.


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Providing You what you need to create your own Fanbase

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Is Nitrochats Mobile Friendly?

Yes it Is Super Mobile friendly easy to navigate easy to move around easy to chat and more.

Its free to use and only takes 5-10 secs to Choose a Account type and register and join.


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